Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grief in Many Forms, (i.e. Infertililty)

My head spins in a 1000 directions most days. You know you are a different person. Grief has so many faces and phases. This particular post is about infertility as it relates to IVF or IF procedures.

A dear friend in Sweden, Angie, has recently found out they may need to go through IVF. She is devastated, as she has every right to grieve losing their ability to conceive naturally, as does anyone going through IF. What is puzzling is that they conceived naturally last year, but unfortunately miscarried their little boy Adam. I remember when Mike and I found out we had to go through IVF 4 years ago, it was very difficult to process at first. But that is all I remember before jumping into the "process" two weeks later. At the time, I did not know infertility was a form of grief, and looking back, it all seems like a blur. I knew NOTHING, and it was alot of information to take in. Now that I know so much more and am able to share my experiences with others, I know I can make a resource to many. Which brings me to asking many of you reading this to send some prayers and/or advice to Angie, as her and her hubby have an appointment tomorrow with the RE to discuss their options and further results.

If anyone has any questions on IVF, there are many resources out there including many of us who have gone through it that would be more than willing to share. If you would like to comment with your experience, and/or a link to a helpful website, link or post, feel free to do so here and I will reference this post on the side of my blog as a quick reference.

Thanks dear friends xxxooo Love, Nan


  1. Sweet Toe Twin,

    You are a true gem in the real sense....you just keep passing on the love. That is what makes you SO special.

    x0x x0x x0x

  2. I fully agree that having to go IF treatments is a form a grief as well. It was a very hard decision to have to come to when it came to going through to IVF.

    Sending tons of positive vibes to your friend and being a fellow IVFer myself is she would like to come to my blog she is totally welcome.


  3. Infertility is so hard. Not only is it hard knowing you cannot conceive naturally, but it is tiring both mentally and physically. When a cycle is not successful it is almost as if we grieve those lost embryos and a little bit of hope. I have recently realized how many of us suffer from infertility and it has helped me to talk to others who understand.

  4. hi nan, i just came across your blog, i too am going down the ivf path after the loss of my son 3 months ago. i've just finished my first stim cycle which failed and am about to begin my first frozen transfer. i'll definitely pop over to your friend to say hi, hugs xxx anne