Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Styx, Stickers, Bubba, Bubbahead

My sweet kitty of 15 and a half long loyal years passed away last night of old age. He has always been such a comfort to me through all of the good and bad times in my life, especially laying with me for days on end against my belly when I lost my baby girls and felt like a hollow shell inside. I didn't think I'd be a blubbery mess like I am, as these past few days it was expected and I just felt numb. I had a huge attachment to him, and he was a good little fur baby, and I will never forget him and miss him forever. Hopefully he's gone on to play with my babies in Heaven. We will bury him close to the babies' garden today. Love you snuggle buddy, thanks for the wonderful memories.

~May 15, 1996 to October 18, 2011~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thoughts of tomorrow…

They feel heavier. Should they be lighter? We all know there isn’t a book to follow. I read an article that said losing a child(ren) is a life sentence, how very true this feels to me right now. I just needed to get this out in a short manner as time doesn't allow much for blogging these days, but the pressure cooker feels like it’s about to burst again. I know once I get to 7PM tomorrow I will feel lighter. Even though we are all united in spirit all the time, it just feels nice to have that specific time, that dedication to possibly looking at the same bright star in the sky together. It reminds me of Fievel the Mouse from An American Tail movie…and that darn sappy song that gets me every time [insert tears here].

Love, Nan xoxoxo