Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3-6-09 - 8 years down the road

Everything is in 3's, even their birthday 3-6-09, and Im noticing these things these years more than ever.  You could say Im currently on a spiritual journey right now. First and foremost for Autumn, so that I can keep up with her school and learn as she learns.  Ive never really had any teaching of what church is all about, not for lack of my mother trying, but more from my anxiety and wanting to be next to her at all times in the younger years!  I was always "sick" in the kids class, ahem. My second reason is for my heavenly babies and all the questions I had, why were they too beautiful for earth and not our arms?  Although I now understand I may never get that answer until I am in heaven myself. When I read "My Story" on this blog, man, I was soooo angry at God, but I didn't know who else to blame, and I knew nothing, and I mean nothing about church and God. 

As I attend these classes to convert from whatever denomination I am to Catholic, I start to see EVERYTHING in 3's.  And its pretty cool.  My eyes are being opened to things I thought I never wanted to learn.  I am learning to form my own opinion and believe still what I want to believe in, but through the eyes of someone who makes me want to try to be a better person.  I wish this could happen overnight, but nothing good ever comes easy. But how cool is that my triplets are soooooo intertwined and I feel they are there with me in so many places as I learn. 

Heading down to the cold beach this weekend as we always do, its become our little annual tradition for their birthday and we are still drawn there.  Anyone who would like flowers and extra prayers seaside on Monday 3-6-17 for their babies in Heaven we would love to include you in our prayers, let me know!

Missing them for 8 years, going on forever. Love, Nan