Saturday, July 9, 2011

I forgot

This month was the first month in 2 years, 4 months that I missed acknowledging the "6th" of every month. To a normal person that may seem, well, normal. But to me it just feels like I failed a bit. But I don't feel raw, I don't feel cut, I just feel sad about it, and needed to go to the place that understands it, here. Strangely enough, on that day, I was pulling weeds in the babies' garden and tidying it up with some pruning shears and it just hadn't crossed my mind. So I guess, in my own way, my girls are incorporated in daily life without having to have that date attached to them all the time. Maybe when you get to a certain part of this roller coaster ride it all starts to blend together? Hopefully all in a good way.

I miss them, so much, and am grateful for people in my life that allow me to be who I need to be, and also for people who look for things in "3's" for me :)

Love, Nan xoxoxo

If you want to see garden progress this year, its wonderful, click here!