Friday, August 6, 2010


If you can, please stop by my dear friend Angie's blog to lend some extra support that this loving community is all about. I love you Angie, please please please hang in there and feel our prayers lift you up.


Today is 17 months without my sweet triplet girls, and I still see those special Heaven sent signs that could be none other than them blowing kisses to us. We drove past a local florist who does displays in this large 2nd floor window, and guess what was in it? Three giant butterflies...just beautiful. Love you, sweet angels.



  1. What a beautiful sign you received. ((HUGS))

  2. Just this morning I was dreaming of your girls...they are never far from my mind. They never will be :)

    And those kisses, they are blowing them, just keep feeling them.

    your toe twin

  3. I just love it when we get our special signs. You get them right when you need it the most!

    Hope you and baby are doing wonderful!

  4. Nan, what a sweet sweet sign <3