Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 6th, Again

It's the 6th again, and only 4 months until their 3rd Birthday. It's also time to think about what we will add to our sweet angels' stockings for their 3rd Xmas in Heaven this year. Hmmm...something always pops out at me, so we shall see what it will be this year.

It helps to have started a tradition that involves including the babies every year, and this is something we can do forever :)

Big hugs to those that are struggling, especially this time of year. Much love, Nan


  1. Just love honey! Lots of love! This time of year seems to magnify their absence. Such a strange place to be!

  2. I love their stockings Nan.

    Thinking of you during this Christmas season.....

  3. Hi, Nan! You left the sweetest commment on Meredith's blog and I so appreciate it. The stockings are lovely and I know you will find something appropriate to put in them. I'm so sorry your girls are gone - your heart has been broken times three. I make scrapbook tags for our angels & I would love to send you some - I don't charge anything for them. If you would like some please email me & we can discuss colors & embellishments. sboyette@tx.rr.com

  4. Love their stockings and thinking of your girls.

  5. Hi sweetheart!

    I love your Christmas tradition with the girls stockings .
    I want to give you a big ,big hug and I wish I could undo the pain of your broken heart .
    I admire you for coping with it and making their memory so sweet .
    I know the scars in your heart are always there but we try our best to live on and make every day of life as good as possible as we know how phrecious life is .
    I keep your girls in my heart and I also send a lot of love and hugs to your little rainbow girl Autumn as she enjoys Christmas .
    Love Angie