Saturday, June 13, 2009

Find your flower...

Good morning,
It's been a while since I've said "good morning" and actually meant it. Even though things can be so hard and so sad, the good days start to appear little by little. Above is a picture of a neat breed of daylily that my cousin Lori and her family brought us on the day of the balloon release. So I planted it quickly in the girls' garden and within a week, the buds starting blooming and I woke up today to a bright single flower in the garden, how beautiful.
Everything is starting to get a little bigger in the garden and its helping to teach me that patience and time help to grow you stronger, little by little, like a flower. If you sit and try to watch the flower bloom, you will be there for a very long time, you can't force it. Just like you can't force yourself to heal, you need time, you need patience, you need to cry and scream, you need to get it out at your own pace and everyone is different.
Today, I say an extra prayer for all bereaved mammas out there to find their bloomed flower and a little less of a heavy heart.
Love, Nan


  1. what a beautiful flower in your garden. I love what you wrote at the end of your text for all the moms that have lost...

  2. the daylily is so beautiful and such a thoughtful gift. i agree that nature mirrors our journey and i think it's wonderful that the girls' garden is helping you heal and grow stronger.