Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hot and Cold

We have had some erractic weather where we live, and Fall is slowly but surely setting in. Ultimately, the gardening season is over, I've spent alot of money on memorial things and quite honestly I'm having trouble trying to find the next things I want to do to honor our girls. It's hard because short of wanting and affording an atrium in my house (ha ha), not to mention having to build that and make a cathedral ceiling that I do not currently have (never gonna happen), my gardening is on hold. My flowers are on hold, and my picture taking is on hold. So I can't even do a few pictures for babylost moms, my little side project I was trying to do from my girls garden. So, what can I do? I thought about learning how to knit, or hitting the craft store to see if anything strikes me as a project for them, I am not that crafty. I will probably come up with something, but for now, it's hard to have stopped all of what I worked so hard on. It was my little piece of alone time to feel their presence and remember them. I'll share if I come up with something new. Love, Nan xo


  1. That's so hard- since I know how much gardening means to you- maybe until the weather breaks again you can do things for the baby-loss mamas in your area- little things like buying 'real' tissues for the hospital or just writing a little note for them to know they aren't alone. I know that at our hospital, loss moms do that- so that they at least have real tissue- instead of the doctor office sandpaper variety- it's a little thing but with a label on the box it let others know that they aren't alone in their greif- and they aren't the first to travel down this lonely road... just an idea! I totally understand the need to do 'something'- I find myself going to meetings now for 6 years to help families going through the freshness of grief. I suppose I will always go to those meetings- for them- and for me- it helps me keep his memory alive- purpose.
    thinking of you friend!

  2. I know!!! Move to CA so you can be close to me :)
    Okay in all about:
    1) Sewing: you can then make your DDs stockings for Christmas time. We have 3 angel stocking holders with their three stockings in the middle. I will try to find a picture of it soon.
    2) Knitting: good idea! You could get the kniffty knitter and make micro preemie hats
    3) scrapbooking
    4) painting: you could paint on some stepping stones and then place them outdoors when it gets nicer out
    I will continue to think of more...much love.

  3. Funny that I posted about my crafts before I even read this post :) I've been painting ceramics. I've been meaning to learn to crochet. The other posters had good ideas. When I learn to crochet/knit I may work on making blankets & hats for the hospitals. Hope you find something to keep you busy...

  4. Nan, I think you know what I have been doing to remember my babies outside of yard things. If you want to learn to knot, I can teach you when we catch up before Thanksgiving. :)
    Thinking of you lots this weekend!

  5. Nan,
    Don't fret about Winter setting in and not being able to work in the garden. You can always plant Pansies in their garden, as they take the snow and extreme cold...they are resilient, just like you :) Give them a try, when they peek out from the snow it's such a sweet sight.

    I'm planning to learn to smock this Winter and try my hand at making something for our "Angel in Waiting".

    Always know that you honor your girls every minute of every day....You love them!

    Much Love to you My Angel on Earth,
    me xoxox

  6. Your baby girls are looking down and know just how much you love them. They know you would do everything you could for them...and have.

    This quiet time i'm sure will be hard for you, but maybe you could plant some indoor flowers for the fall/winter months?

    Thinking of you...

  7. You will find your new niche, Nan. You are very talented and have a big heart. I agree with Rachel, though. You should move to CA where you can pretty much garden year round.

    Thanks for you words of encouragement on my blog. You really dud give me something to think about. I do want to hear that the TVC is a good thing. And, you're words helped. :)

  8. I hope you can find something that can fill your time. House plants just aren't the same.

  9. I wish we lived closer together b/c I am on the lookout for a craft. And i wish I could learn to knit. Let me know if you thing of something and I will be thinking too ... Hugs!