Thursday, October 1, 2009

Latest Garden Addition

We found another awesome garden trinket with a butterfly on it! Thanks H.ome D.epot :) I will probably bring it in for the cold weather, as it actually attaches to the garden hose and sprinkles out water from the rim. Wouldn't want it to freeze and/or shatter. There were also some very pretty fall hanging planters that I decided would brighten up the garden a bit more. Alot of the flowers are not blooming anymore, except for one. I dont know exactly what it's going to look like, and I can't remember the name of it, but here is a close up:

I am glad I get to enjoy the girls' garden still. Soon everything will be "protected" (hopefully with a blanket made of snow!).

Another thing I wanted to mention, is that the Forum for Grieving Dads, has 21 members now since June - YAY! Although it's strange, no one is talking right I suppose it has gone stale for a while, but I hope it picks up again soon, since men need support too!

OK, thats all, just a short update for now!
Love, Nan xo


  1. I wish I could convince my husband to check out the forum for grieving dads. He's not good about sharing his feelings. Even, in an anonymous way. The garden ornament is beautiful.

  2. That flower is very unusual. Like the new garden trinket.

  3. Couldn't end my day without checking in on my dear friend. Just letting you know that you are always on my radar :)

    Guess what? Great minds think alike, as I have the same sprinkler...used it in my previous garden and it "always" made me smile. Suppose we were meant to be toe twins...and thankful for the blessing.

    Butterflies always and may sunshine reign on you.