Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Sign of Spring in our Garden!

The above picture is the first peek of Spring coming up in the girls' garden :) It is the Hyacinth my Mom gave to us around Easter last year and it was one of the first plants we planted when starting the garden. I remember it having 3 pink blooms when we first got it, and that thought still makes me tear up, especially remembering how raw the pain was. Anyhow, we have had so much rain over the past weekend, that yesterday was the first day I was able to enjoy some warmth and sunshine. That is when I walked over to the babies garden and saw these first sprouts! There are also buds starting to grow on the babies tree, I cannot wait for it to bloom, it's going to be beautiful! I smiled and felt my girls all around me. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

The picture below shows three beautiful plant stakes with butterflies, which I received from a dear friend across seas in Sweden, Angie H. I was honored that she sent my girls a gift, something that she saw that reminded her of my babies...thank you sweet Angie!!! I will always have a place in our house that I can show them off :)

Below is a picture of the name plate for our tree. Not sure if you can click on it to enlarge it in a new window, but it's the best picture I have been able to take so far. Its so precious :)

Lastly, I wanted to share a simple technique I came across to try and make yourself feel good inside and out. Close your eyes, focus intensely on something that makes you happy (shutting out distractions) then smile for one minute straight, and feel your mood start to lift. I hope it works for some of you. It was hard not to start laughing a few seconds in, I think from the sheer thought of what I might have looked like :) But it helped, if only for a moment.
Love, Nan xxxooo


  1. Love the plaque and how wonderful that the Hyacinth is coming up. Beautiful gift from your friend. Have a beautiful day. (the picture do blow up)

  2. ((yay for spring!)) the flowers and plaque are both beautiful.. :)

  3. I'm watching intently for the first sign of spring around here. Or should I say the first bloom. I want to take a picture of it:) It's going to be emotional for me. It will remind me how fragile Isaiah's life was.

    I love the name plate for your daughters. Thanks for the "simple technique." :)

  4. Ahhhh...."Awesome", I have not heard you ever say that word, not in 10 months. That is Awesome! Honoring and healing :)

    Angie's plant stakes are precious, just like Megan, Shelby and Lynne. What a sweet friend she is and how blessed we are to know her.

    As for the plaque...I'm teary, its just so sweet...ever so sweet. *tears*

    I think our babies see Spring every day in Heaven :) And, you just witnessed a sign that they're happy...they are sweet friend. They are.

    Loving a trio of beautiful Butterflies with you,
    Your toe Twin

  5. I've been out in my garden too and checking out what is coming up. We still have frozen ground about a foot down and it could still snow here up until the beginning of April. But when the weather is nice I'll be out there planting Julia's rose!

    I love the name plate you got. I want to do something to mark Julia's rosebush too. :)

    I'm glad that you are doing well, the sun and warmth help so much. :)

  6. How wonderful! can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful flowers :) I love the plant that Angie sent you!

  7. My hyacinths are coming up too and I love it! Spring is just wonderful!