Thursday, April 23, 2009

Planting the Garden

Last weekend we started the beginning of our babies garden. It felt good to work outside and devote my time to them. We have alot to do including planting a tree (my sister Lynne is getting for us - thanks sister I love you!) and I have ordered flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies and hummingbirds which I hope comes in soon! I want to get a swinging bench and stepping stones to go under the tree as well. So far, we have planted some flowers that we got from family members at Easter, this will be a place where everyone can go and plant something or just reflect. The hyacinth is from my Mom (Grandmom), the Hydrangea is from my Aunt Nancy (Great Aunt Nancy) and the Azalea is from my sis in law Cheri (Aunt Cheri) Here is a pic of the beginning of our garden, I call it Baby Steps, Our Memorial Garden for Shelby, Megan and Lynne.

Other things we are doing besides the garden I will put on another post.

Love, Nan

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