Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can a child help heal your heart?

I was watching my youngest niece yesterday (sister still sick) and we played all morning. Holly is 16 months and just adorable. So, can a child help heal your heart? For some, maybe not, but for me, absolutely. When her little face looks up at me and smiles or when she reaches up for me to pick her up or when she laughs cause I say "Im gonna get ya!", it makes my heart melt. I just had an awesome time with her and it made me realize that I still do want to continue the quest to be an earthly Mommy someday, no matter how hard IVF will be again. How can you not with this face?!

Also I was also trying to retouch the photo of the ducks from the other night and get it to be lighter - not sure if you can make them out but here goes:

Love, Nan

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