Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Memorial Tree, and other thoughts of the day...

The tree arrived yesterday, it is so pretty. I was so excited and sad at the same time. We decided on a Double Pink Weeping Cherry (or technical name: Prunus Subhirtella Pendula Plena, if anyone is looking into buying one). It was perfect planting weather too, it seems like Winter went right into Summer. Still have more to do in the garden, but it's really taking shape now, I love it. Here are 2 pics:

On another note, I'm missing my babies alot, and it has been a hard weekend with all of the tributes to our babies coming in. I know I should start thinking of a ceremony for my girls, maybe on Memorial Day? I want to have a celebration of their lives, not a sad service. Maybe if I have a Memorial Day Picnic I can make it a Picnic/Celebration with a balloon release? I like the idea of a balloon release because everyone can be involved (if they want to), and they can write a special note to the girls and attach it to the balloons. I think of more and more things everyday.

This is a butterfly garden ornament I found, the wind makes the wings flutter!

Love, Nan

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  1. Oh the tree is absolutely gorgeous. I just love it. I think I will look into getting one for Christian's garden. xxxxxxxxxxxx