Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forever My Firefly too....

I feel like an Auntie to this special little boy, because I have a friendship so special in Andrea that we could be sisters. (Tears streaming as I write this). And although we don't share the same Angelversary date, we share the 6th of each month, and have done so for almost a year now, trying to keep eachothers heads above water. Andrea, I love you and I am praying for your heart to feel lifted today as you celebrate your amazing little one. I thank God everyday for having you in my life.

Christian, Happy First Heavenly Birthday little man. We love you and are thinking of you all of the time. I hope you are playing with my girls and celebrating in those big beautiful white puffy clouds. Without you I would have never have been brought to your Mommy, my Angel on Earth. She is sending all of her love to you today and always. Love, Auntie Nan xxx


  1. Sweetest Friend,

    What a wonderful way to wake up this morning :) For these to be the first words that I read to honor my precious one touches my heart in the deepest ways. Yes, I cry, but they are tears of Love, as you have constantly lifted me up, walked with me and encouraged me through the worst of times and brough about laughter in the best of times.

    Today is a bittersweet day for me, as I honor Christian I also honor all the little lives that have touched mine along the way. Through our babies we've forged a friendship, a beautiful friendship and what a treasured "gift" Megan, Shelby, Lynne and Christian have given to us. Today, we celebrate them.

    Thank you for the love and thank you for this most beautiful post. Your heart is so full of love and I too thank GOD for you daily. You said we could be sisters...I'm sure we are, joined at the heart :)

    I know our babies are happy, healthy and whole today and that's all that I need.

    Sending you love and all the wonderful blessings that you have sent to me. I love you my toe twin and there will always be rainbows and butterflies in my life because of you.

    x0x x0x x0x

  2. that is so beautiful girls, what an inspiration and testimony to friendship and care for each other. thinking of all your little ones and both of you today, the 8th is my angelversary day, only 3 months though, although it can sometimes feel like a year. loads of love xxx

  3. That is so sweet Nan! Andrea is such a loving soul. She is truly a beautiful woman!