Monday, October 18, 2010


I didn't have alot of time after work to get this together, but wanted to share that I lighted candles in honor of all our babies with every candle I had. I did better last year, but next year I want to make sure I have it just perfect. I noticed last year and this year both had very windy cold days, and that my plans for an outside night vigil were not going to happen, so this is what I have, and it was sweet. Hubby and I hugged for a long while and had some tears, but ultimately it showed us even more how much love we have for our children in the sky, and that not a day goes by that we don't think about them. Click here for more pictures, and I hope you all had beautiful candlelit memories. Love, Nan
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  1. The pictures are all very beautiful. Love your three pumpkins. ((HUGS))

  2. What you did is absolutely PERFECT in every way :) You remembered our babies and that is what matters...the fluff is just that, fluff. But to remember with heart and soul is priceless.

    I love you
    x0x x0x x0x

  3. Thank you for lighting the candles for all our babies!

  4. What a beautiful moment spent together.

    Remembering your precious daughters and all our children...

  5. Oh Nan , this is so beautiful !

    It touches my heart and I get tears in my eyes .
    Thank you for doing this not only for yourself but also for the other angel babies .
    Unfortunatley I missed the day as I was on a holiday and took a break from blogging and internet too but it warms my heart to see your beautiful arrangement .
    Sending you love and love and more love ....Angie

  6. Just catching up...or trying to...Google tells me I have over 400 posts to read (better than 682!) but wanted to send you love and more love!

  7. Hi i just wanted to tell you that your story has helped me over the past couple of days. I recently just lost my son, I was 20 weeks pregnant. I delieverd at abington hospital while i was there the nurse went to get me a box of tissues cause i couldnt stop crying, On this box was alittle sticker that said remembering our triplet angels, Which brought me here.

  8. I love it, Nan. Thank you (x3).

  9. I am just checking to see how things are going. Hope christmas was gentle, and you are having a happy new years eve!