Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butterflies in Winter

I wish there were butterflies in Winter, but here is the next best thing!

Hubby was walking through K.ohls the other day and brought me home these butterflies (yes he is as bad as me! anything butterflies!), and they have alligator clips on them so I can hang them on curtains, etc. Does anyone else have any sweet ideas you decorate your house with? I wonder what these clips would look like in my hair?! Well, we will never know, because I need my hair cut (yes, still from January 2009), and I am not showing how horrible it is looking these days! I usually wear it up anyhow :)

I would like to also express my sincere thanks for all of your uplifting and supportive comments from my last post. Obviously I was struggling, and you all came to my rescue, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Do you still find yourself in the lowest of lows somedays? I find it is the anniversaries that hit me the hardest. I am so glad I found blogger world! Hugs to everyone! Find your butterflies in everything you do xoxoxo


  1. I love them, and love that you can clip them on to random things in your home. Everytime you look at them, you'll think of your precious baby girls. *hugs*

  2. I love those too. I put that angel pin from you hanging on a necklace think in my bathroom (sounds weird, but I see it everyday)!! I plan on hanging it on the curtains in the nursery when a baby comes, so my Nannie angel can watch over my earth angel!! I do find myself sometimes in the lowest of lows & for what seems like no reason! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as hubby and I went and saw 'Did you Hear About the Morgans?' tonight and they address the taboo subject of infertility and I thought they did it beautifully (though the very end annoyed me, but I won't ruin it!!). You know the tears welled up then!! Though today I'm not overly sad, we'll see what tomorrow brings!! Love you so much! Hope you keep seeing butterflies everywhere!!

  3. What an awesome find. I love the idea that you can clip them anywhere!

    Always here for you Nan, I know the anniversaries are very tough to pass.

  4. Sending you Love. I'm glad you found your butterflies in the winter. Big Warm Hugs.

  5. I think they'd be adorable in your hair. We have butterfly everything, too. And, since we still have some warm days here, I do see my yellow butterfly once in a while.

  6. Gorgeous, Nan!!!!!!!
    Lots of love.

  7. I stopped by to thank you for the beautiful comment that you left for Isaiah, then I ended up with a lump in my throat, after reading your last post. It's so very hard, and I'm so sorry that we both have to walk this hard road together. I'm glad that we have each other to walk with...

  8. Love the butterflies! My coworker got me two butterflies on clips that I keep in my classroom. I love it- My students know I love all things butterflies too (especially the blue ones) but they don't know why!
    Hooray for the butterfly-
    Go away winter!!!

  9. Love the Butterflies! How very sweet of Mike to bring home such a "happy" :) Sweet man...

    As for what to do with them:
    Clip on your bulletin board
    Clip on your visor in your car
    Clip in your "Hair", beautiful butterlies in the hair of a beautiful girl
    Clip on your Pillow
    Clip on your Lamp Shade
    Clip on your shower curtain

    CLIP them anywhere you want a little ray of SUNSHINE, as they radiate LOVE!

    Much love to you my toe twin. Mwah! Just wish I was there to spread the butterflies and clip about with you :) We'd have such fun.

    Hugs and Continuing to love Megan, Shelby and Lynne with you :)

    xoxo Me

  10. Those butterflies are very neat and I like how you can clip them anywhere!