Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hi friends,

Our computer had a virus, so we have been offline for some time. I am now trying to catch up on the many wonderful blogs I follow, and it's taking a good bit of time. I have to admit though, having the break was kind of good for me, as we had some time to re-charge the ol' batteries and do some other things that were being put off. Such as applying the decals on my car that Mike got me for Xmas! We had a semi-warm day (50 and sunny) and decided it was a good day to do you like?!

I also got to hang some ceramic tiles I found while out shopping one day...which pretty much sums up the way I want things to be for my baby girls in the heavenly clouds. God I miss them so much, it still tugs at my heart everyday, and I imagine that is the way it will always be. Anyway, I hung these in our bedroom and when I am sitting upright in my bed they are on the wall right in front of me. Sort of like when I go to sleep and when I wake in the morning, they are the last/first thing I see.

It feels like their 1st Birthday is coming up so quickly. Mike and I are trying to plan for some things to do, probably just between the two of us. I know it will be special, and that I will be trying my best to smile as I know they are smiling down at me. I also know it's important for me to start doing things the minute I start feeling any anxiety about it, as I've posted before.

That's all for now, going to go catch up on reading blogs! Love, Nan xo


  1. Nan - I was just about to email you... wondering where you've been, but now I know... a computer virus! Well, I hope everything is all good now. Love your car decals!

    Can you believe it's coming up on a year already?


  2. I'm doing some catch up too. I love the girls' butterfly decals!!

  3. Nan, the decals are AMAZING! I love them. I'm so glad to have an update from you. I was worried (because I am a freak about worrying!).

  4. I love the decals! I'm thinking of trying to find one for Mackenzie with a ladybug...if my hubby would let me ;) Missed you Nan!

  5. nice to have you back. we will probably spend ella's birthday alone. i just don't want to have any expecations and get let down. i love the girls' decals. xoxo

  6. Love those decals and your wall tiles!! Thinking about your beautiful girls as the days keep whizzing by and we try to keep up! Love to you both!! Hugs!

  7. Nan,

    Just as your wall tiles say...

    We DREAM, we WISH, we BLOOM and then we SOAR. I know you are going to soar sweet friend. The storm will eventualy pass, and you are going to spread those beautiful wings and soar like a BUTTERFLY :)

    How incredibly thoughtful of Mike to have the decals made for the girl's. Their Aunt Bebe loves them! And, I love you too my Toe Twin. You are so special to me.

    Both you and Mike will honor Megan, Shelby and Lynne in the most special already do by loving them.

    May the sun continue to shine brightly upon you.


  8. Those decals are awesome beautiful. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but I can't think of anything else to call them. What a great gift from your husband.

    What a wonderful way to wake up and go to bed too.

    Thank you for the comment on my last post. I have still been emotional all day long. It usually lasts for a few days. Thanks for being there for me.


  9. I love the decals! What a wonderful gift.:) Sending you lots of Love.

  10. I love the decals and so very sweet of your husband to get them for you. I love the wall hangings too, what a beautiful thing to see every night when you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up.

    You've been missed. *hugs*