Thursday, February 11, 2010

Covered in White

We are truly blanketed in snow. If I were to walk out to the girls' garden, the snow would be up to my butt. I think another storm is coming on Monday! I like to think my girls are sending me a sign, as a while ago I related the weather elements to them :) I can still enjoy the garden and their tree covered in snow....but can you see it in the pic above? I have more pictures if you need a snow fix and do not have any where you live! Just click here. Just a silly thought, my snow angels are covered, if I did another three right now I think I would be under the snow LOL.

And just another shout out to try and bump up some activity/traffic to the men's grief forum. We have about 28 members, however no one really talks much...which I was hoping would help the guys open up. I hear so many women say they have a difficult time knowing what is going on with their hubby/partner, whether they are ok or not, and this place can still be their outlet. The goal is to try and get 100 members (guys only ofcourse), and then I would let it be what it is going to be. If you cannot get 100 guys to talk occasionally, then its going to be a tough road. Where else can I publicize this? The link to the forum is in blue on the right side of this page. Thanks for your support, and the support to the guys in your lives :)

Have a great day. Love, Nan xo

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  1. Wow, that is allot of snow. Stay warm & safe.
    I have the Forum button on my blog. I have also sent this information to some women who
    have mentioned that their husbands need a place to go. I will put one higher up on my page for awhile.

  2. What's all that white stuff??? Being a CA girl we don't get to see snow very is beautiful. Hope you are doing well Nan!! xx

  3. I live in Ontario and we don't even have that much snow! Goodness, when it rains it pours!!

    Nan, I wanted to tell you that I looked back at the pictures of your garden from last summer and I just love what you did. I too have a very large garden and am thinking of how I will modify it to put some things in to remind me of Julia.

    I had told my husband about a forum I had seen at someone's blog and he was interested in checking it out. I'm glad that you mentioned it again b/c I forgot where I had seen it. I will try to add it to my blog to spread the word.

  4. Less than a week after I loss Isaiah, I had to go and sign some papers in the OB for his death certificate. That was horrible in itself. Then I looked at the time of death on the paper, and I thought that it was supposed to be a different time. I went home, called my doctor at her house, and asked her what time he died. I was so desperate to know when my little boy entered heaven. I hope that makes you feel a little better.

    I love the snow angels and statue for the girls!


  5. Sweet Friend....

    As you told me, feel the snowflakes on your face :)


  6. It is so weird to live in Wisconsin and have LESS snow than most of the United States! I'm feeling like we need a little more so I could have a snow day from school...
    I wish I could get my husband to use the grief forum. He says he will, and then doesn't. I dont know. I don't know what men want or need, I guess! HA! And that doens't just go for this kind of stuff. :) But I have the button on my blog and I'll mention it again. It's sucha great thing that you made it and are running it.

  7. Nan, when you get a minute, stop by my blog, there is a suprise there for you in honor of your angels! Happy Valentines!