Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Angels

Thank you for everyone's support and comments yesterday and today (and always), it was nice to have everyone thinking of our girls with us :)

What we really did for their angelversary was in the above pic, but it was too late in the afternoon to take pictures yesterday and them actually come out. I did three snow angels for my angels and sent them up to the sky with love! It was perfect since we had over a foot of snow. I think we have another storm coming on Tuesday, which is the most snow we've had in a long time, we like it though.

Regarding the statue in my post yesterday, I was surfing the web for pictures of angel statues and this one came up almost immediately, so I stole it :) I only wish I had it in their garden as it is absolutely perfect (three little girl angels with wings, melts my heart), and if anyone ever sees anything like it please let me know cause I will have to buy it! Wish I was handy enough to make something like that.

If you want to see more pics you can click here.

Love to you all, have a nice Sunday, Nan xo
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  1. 3 Beautiful Snow Angels
    3 Beautiful GODLY Angels

    Love this picture...and all the others. What is the most touching is that "you" their Mommy, made those Angels with such love, just as they were created, with abounding LOVE.

    Happy Angelversary Angel Babies :)
    Give Christian hugs and kisses from his mommy

  2. Beautiful Nan. Sending you hugs and love. xx (And we do share the pink weeping cherry- it just seemed so appropriate)


  3. That is a sweet photo. I love snow angels.
    Love the angels in your post from yesterday.
    I will search for you.

  4. Love the photo, Nan... just beautiful

    PS. I would call them snow butterflies ;)

  5. I love the 3 angels in the snow. If we had enough, heck if we had any snow i'd do the same for my boys. Beautiful.

  6. Oh Nan...I love the snow angels! They are just perfect! I hope you are having a peaceful day my sweet friend. xx

  7. Beautiful!!! I love it! You're girls are so blessed with such a sweet mommy!!

  8. I So Love it! Just BEAUTIFUL! HUGS!

  9. thinking of you and your beautiful snow angels. Simply beautiful picture...Hugs

  10. The snow angels are the perfect idea! So sweet. I know your girls are looking down and smiling at you.


  11. what a wonderful idea nan, i love it! we sure have plenty of snow up here...maybe we'll do something outside for our triplets.
    also, i just updated my blog and was hoping you'd click on over. hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Been thinking of you Nan- and your beautiful angels! I absolutely love what you did in the snow- and the statue is beautiful! Your girls are so blessed to have you- your love and the fact that you share that with all of us is a blessing!

  13. A perfect tribute for the girls