Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garden Progress 7-11-09

Time to write a happier blog to balance out the mood here! It's been a rough week, but all in all, I survived, as I seem to always do. I've been working in the yard and the girls' garden a little today, and gave the puppy dogs a bath (they smell nice YAY!).

We still have alot to do in the secondary garden that is the backdrop for the baby steps garden, like weed, plant a few more flowers, weed screen and mulch. The clematis has alot of growing to do to cover the fence, I can't wait til' it leaps, but I don't think it will be this year. After I am finished with that part of the garden, I plan on making another half moon on the other side of the tree.

This is from my best childhood friend Aimee, she calls it a butterfly bath, not a bird bath. When the butterflies finally come to our garden they can take a drink from it! She told me to add some sand and water, I love it (thanks Aim!):

I forget what this is called, but it is soooo soft, like a baby's blanket, so I added it to the garden today:

I added some daises today:
This is the black knight butterfly bush - it's starting to get some purple buds on it finally:

For some other pics of the garden, you can visit:

Hope everyone is trying to enjoy the weekend and getting some sunshine. If not, I'm sending some your way. Love, Nan xo


  1. I have the same butterfly bush! Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and our patio doesn't get any shade. So, everyday I have to carry the bush out to the hallway to get sun. But, it gives me something to do.
    I love the butterfly bath. :) And, I love the three little butterflies that fly across your blog.

    Sending love and sunshine your way too!

  2. LOVE your garden...

    Me too...I love my butterfly bush. It may look small now, but don't be fooled. Yours will be HUGE in no time. Those things are like weeds! Once that happens be sure to chop that thing almost to the ground or else it will forever be a monster. We hack ours about twice a year. Also, they are very easy to grow more from their branches. Once yours is larger just cut off a branch that is about the thickness of a pencil, place in some rooting hormone powder, stick in the dirt and water. New growth will appear after about a few week.

    I got your comment abput the wraps. My next batch is yours. Maybe you can bring them in for your girls' 6 month angelversary??? What do you think?

  3. Nan,
    I just want you to know I'm thinking of you this week....the 24th is coming awfully quickly :( I hope that the day has some peace for you, if that's possible. Mine is August 7th, so if you have advice once yours is over, I'd love to hear it. I'm sorry we have these terrible anniversaries :(