Friday, July 24, 2009

EDD Rememberence 7-24-09

Today was very therapeutic and healing. A big surprise to me considering the days leading up to it were extremely hard. It helped to have things planned and have a purpose. We first started with going to our favorite park and re-releasing the balloon notes that were returned to us. The sky had been cloudy and dark and by the time we got to the park the sun started coming through and it was perfect! Lots of sun rays beaming from the Heavens. Sign number 1?

We then headed to a local garden nursery to find a new flowering plant for the babies garden. Well, they had alot of beautiful perennials and they were on sale THREE for $20, so ofcourse we have to get THREE! Sign number 2?

When we were getting ready to purchase the plants, a garden flag caught my eye. I couldn't believe what I saw, I was dumbfounded! THREE little butterflies, THREE little flowers and a saying "Look for the small miracles". So, ofcourse I HAD to buy it. Sign number 3?
And finally, after a relaxing afternoon snuggling with hubby, a storm rolled through very briefly and left a rainbow for us to watch and a brilliant sunset. Do rainbows mean new beginnings? Was this rainbow sent to us from our girls? Sign number 4? I hope they see rainbows and sunsets every night. I hope they know how much we love them and think of them everyday. No matter how brief we held them, I want to honor their lives forever. Their perfect little toes, fingers and noses.

If I can offer a small bit of advice to a grieving parent, and I am only speaking from my own experience, if you find it difficult on the days leading up to a birthday, angelversary, due date, etc., try doing the things to honor them on those hard days. I waited until today to do the things we wanted to do, but I felt so good doing these things and actually had a nice day. I honestly was miserable anticipating this day, and here I am feeling pretty good. I wish I had started earlier this week!
Night, Nan xo
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  1. Oh my! I absolutely love it! Love the 'signs' they sent you- Love the peace! I felt much peace my first anniversary as well- now the days leading up were so very hard- but that day was a big exhale of grace!
    Love the pics- Amazing stuff!

  2. Oh Nan...You made me cry!!! I am so happy you had a good day. I thought and prayed for you many times today. Your beautiful girls were sending you love all day long. I hope your spirits remain lifted, you deserve some joy. Much love to you and your sweet ones.

  3. Thinking of you and and always. xoxo

  4. I am so happy that you had a nice day and felt your little girls' presence all day long. I felt the same way, the week leading up to the day was horrible, but then choosing to spend the day doing little things to honor our babies really helped.

  5. Oh, Nan! How beautiful. I'm so glad you could do something to honor your little ones. I'm so sorry that they aren't here with you, but you're doing everything you can to honor them and remember them. I thought of you so often this week! My EDD is August 7th, and we decided to go to Las Vegas!! LOL. Kind of different.
    Much love,

  6. Nan, your post brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. I am so happy the day was a peaceful one of honoring Shelby, Lynne, and Megan. I thought of you often despite the significant day that we had on our end - I was wondering how you were faring, and I am so glad to read the day was a good one. It sounds like you both took the day off from work. So smart. Pete and I are planning to do that on the one-year, but maybe we should consider it on our August 30th due date, as well.

    Big hugs to you. I wish I could give them in person, and I hope the days since July 24th have also brought you some peace.


  7. Sounds very peaceful..... glad for you. And those signs.... wow.


  8. Hi Nan! I have tagged you. Please visit my blog: for all the info. The topic is "What Makes You Happy." I think it might be good for all of us to focus on some happy things for a little bit!
    Much Love,

  9. Hi Nan. So sorry for the loss of your three girls. I think it's amazing that you're celebrating their lives in such positive ways. All the signs you saw were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.