Saturday, August 1, 2009

Men's Forum

I just want to share the progress of our Forum for Grieving Dads. It has actually started to become more active and we now have 16 members since it's start in June of this year. I was excited when we only had two members, so you can imagine that 16 has me ecstatic! This is incredible to me that my hubby can go and talk with other Dads experiencing the same feelings and it helps him to understand his own grief. Ofcourse we do not wish anyone would have to meet under these circumstances, but it's important to know that there is help out there, and connections are being made. Thank you to those of you who have mentioned the site, added our button to your site or did any kind of promotion for it, I believe it did make a difference and continues to do so! The blogger world continues to amaze me. The wonderful babylost women I have met through blogger world and forum world continue to amaze me. Just a huge 'thanks'

:) xo Nan


  1. Nan, I just think this is so wonderful :)

    You and Mike are a gift to all that cross your path:)


  2. Congratulations Nan!!! This is exciting news and such a great thing you have done. I hope you are doing well!
    Much love,

  3. Oh Nan, that is so cool. What a beautiful thing to do in honor of your girls. I'm going to send the url to my hubby. He's been having a really hard time lately. Hope you're well!

  4. Nan! This is FABULOUS!! I wish I would have had something like this for my hubby early in our loss- it felt so often that he was forgotten (I actually blogged about it on Father's Day) it's like people remember the moms- but the dads get lost in the shuffle- My husband was so quiet about his grief and kept it so safe and guarded- I've seen it come out more lately- and he's been able to share more. I will tell him about your site- though I'm sure he'll be a 'lurker' if anything- he doesn't get as excited about the blogging world as I do- though he's read some of my posts! ;-)