Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 Month Angelversary - Update!!!

I know I just posted, but I just got another cool sign from my girls and I had to share! Maybe they know I am thinking of them?! I went out to water their garden and noticed that the tree has one branch that has three blooms coming out! Not sure if you can see the third bloom (closer to the top of the pic), as the flower has not emerged yet, but two have. I don't think this tree is supposed to re-bloom, how cool?!! YAY baby girls :) I hear you. xoxoxoxo is also a full moon tonight, so when I look up to the sky tonight, I will think of all of the bereaved parents looking at the same moon and I am holding your hands, we are all together. Much love.


  1. Wow! Looking at the moon with you tonight hun. Love ya, Steph

  2. I noticed the big, full moon last night too!

  3. I love when it's a full moon on an anniversary date. I feel so comforted by that. I always light a candle on a full moon night. It is said that it will bring good energy into your home.

  4. Love it! Feeling the peace and the love that they're sending you!