Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trying for a better day

The sun is shining, family and friends on their way over to have a nice BBQ for the 4th and I am trying to have a better day today.

Thank you for those of you who commented on my last post, I was in need of knowing that I wasn't alone in my feelings, and you helped :) It's helpful that people understand the roller coaster ride. I guess I just needed to voice my hurt that this is not "over", and will only get easier with time. These beautiful girls are in my heart and mind forever. And Rachel, you better believe I'm taking you up on visiting if I'm ever out there - thanks!!

As soon as the garden gets some blooms I will be posting pics, it looks so nice in the sunshine right now!

Happy 4th everyone, hope you enjoy your day. xo Nan


  1. Trust me, it was hard for me to put on my happy face today, eventhough we had a great day planned with family, friends, and fun. Every holiday makes me miss my babies even more. July 4th was a date I had set in my head when we'd have all our babies home, and all be in our new house.

    I hope today turned out to be a good day for you!


  2. Hi, Nan,

    I commented on your last post, too, but I did not see my note there. Strange - perhaps I somehow screwed it up. Nonetheless, I do understand your feelings and have the "whatever" response, as well. It is interesting to me to see because in the past I was not very low-key, but now that my perspective has shifted, I just don't care about the little things so much anymore.

    Today was our triplet due date. Whether we are passing milestones like this one or it's just an ordinary day... I always think about and miss our babies. I think I am at peace (as much as I can be) about not being able to answer "why," but that does make the hurt any less. I am not even sure it will get easier with time.

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend with your family as well as some time alone to reflect in the garden. Love to you...

    xoxo, Kerry