Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from the Bay

Had a really nice time with hubby and the dogs down the shore. I must admit, this writing names in the sand is serious business (LOL), it is ALOT harder than it appears! I had my footprints in every picture and just when I was getting ready to take a pic the bay would wash it away and I would miss it and write them over again. So I will not be quitting my day job. I give Carly ALOT of credit!

We went shopping for a bit on Saturday and I saw signs of my girls everywhere we went. I had been to all of these shops before and never noticed how many butterfly gadgets there were to purchase. We could have gone bankrupt! We did buy a few things and I finally found the perfect flag holder for my "Look for the small miracles" flag (in pic link at the bottom)! Below is also one of the "signs" I got, the stone has three butterflies and a lovely saying for their garden (had to get it). I hold this near and dear to my heart.

Other than that, it is good to be home, and now we are gearing up to help my sis in law and brother and family get ready for her surgery tomorrow.

If you would like to see pics from our weekend and more of our garden, click here and here.

Love, Nan xo


  1. Nan - the girls garden is coming along beautifully and I love the stone. What a perfect saying. There is so much of your "heart" in that garden.

  2. Welcome back Nan. Glad to hear you had a good time and your girls were there with you sending gentle reminders. The pics are great. Thanks for sharing!! xx

  3. Love the story about writing the names in the sand. That is a beautiful stone. It always feels good to be home.

  4. Your garden is a work of your heart. Glad you had a good time.