Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Addition

So we were wondering around in Kmart over the weekend and walked past this little guy holding a butterfly ... so of course I had to buy it! The turtle has a solar panel on his back and the butterfly lights up a yellow glow at night! I know what you're thinking `Is she going to buy everything she sees with a butterfly?` ....yea, probably. I read that the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth after death, and for some reason that brings me some peace.

An added note on the rememberence bracelet - I found out I can put an image on both sides of the charm I am pretty sure we are going with the babies actual footprints on one side and the seashore pic on the other side. The woman who runs that site is a sweet soul. Again, I think these places find me, and thankfully.


1 comment:

  1. I would buy everything with a butterfly too, Nan. :-( You must take a picture of this at night with the glowing butterfly. It looks like the perfect addition to the garden for your girls. The rememberence bracelet charm sounds beautiful.