Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Progress

Had alot of fun in the garden yesterday! Here are some pics, and also, here is a link if you want to see more:
I have become picture crazy! The program that I use is awesome for sharing pics, and its easy to use. I had created it originally to share pics of our pregnancy progress, ultrasounds and belly shots :( But, atleast I can still use it to share our journey to healing :)


  1. Nan, your girls' garden is looking so pretty! I am so glad working in it brings you some peace and comfort. I think about our triplets all the time, and usually thinking about them brings me both joy and sadness. We are trying to decide on a tree... is yours a weeping cherry?
    Much love to you, and even more on the hard days. I think about you often.

  2. I just tagged you in my latest blog post, check it out here...

  3. your garden really is lovely, Nan.