Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hubby is the BEST!!!

Mike could tell that I have been struggling this weekend. He decided to give me my Mother's Day present tonight, I think because he knows I would be a crying mess (which I was)! I told him the bracelet was going to his present to me, but he wanted to do something himself. He has always told me my Mother's ring would have the babies birthstones. I have failed to mention, and I feel terrible about it, that I do have a stepson Scotty who is 13 years old. It's not that I do not love him, we just don't get to see him alot and I feel as though I have not had alot to do with raising him. I do love him dearly though, he is a sweet kid and brought me flowers! So, a few years ago, Mike bought me a Mother's ring with our birthstones (Mike, me and Scotty) and always said he would add the babies when they were born. And so he kept his promise. I love you honey, always and forever. xoxo


  1. That was such a thoughtful Mother's Day gift! I know you will cherish that forever! I'm sure today wasn't an easy day for you, but know that you are not alone. I know our babies are looking down on us, and are so proud of their mommies, for all that we did for them. Something just tells me that our babies know who their moms and dads are, and know that they are loved dearly.

    Take Care,

  2. After our babies passed away I felt like I needed something to remind me of them and the fact even though I have 2 older stepchildren these babies made me a "real" Mommy. My hubby & I decided that it would be a great idea to make a mother's ring in memory of the triplets. I got a 4 stone ring and used blue ( their birthday month 9/21/06), a lighter blue ( Conner) , a pink ( Madison ) & a yellow (Logan-Makenna). It has their names and September 21,2006 on each side. It's amazing !! I cherish it everyday. I would love to email you to talk more if you would like.

    Talk to you soon,