Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got my bracelet!!

Well it was another teary day in the Reiber household, part sad part happy. But all is well. My bracelet is beautiful and makes the most wonderful sound when the charms move. I tried to take some pictures but my camera is acting up.....the good news is that my dear new friend Sue sent me pictures of it, better than I could have taken!


  1. oh nan, they're perfect. bobby and i are planning on getting matching tattoos for our babies. not sure when we'll be able to do that though. it seems like all these positive things you're surrounding yourself with that represent the babies are really helping.

  2. It's beautiful, Nan! Just beautiful!

  3. Oh Nan! That bracelet is just gorgeous. I know it will bring you a sense of always connectedness!

  4. i found your blog through lauren's...i'm so sorry for you loss.

    my twin boys were born on march 5th, 2008 and past away on the 7th and 8th.

    its been an uphill battle but all i can say is day at a time. thats all you can. the first year is brutal. allow yourself to grieve on your time table, nobody else's.

    ((hugs)) to you and i'm so sorry...