Thursday, May 21, 2009


BABY STEPS GARDEN: The plants I ordered arrived today. I am trying to figure out how I am going to plant them since we have now measured an area against the fence. I have not dug up any grass over there yet! So, I have a good project ahead of me :) I am tired today, but I will probably start working on it. The plants arrived so tiny and some are bulbs, so its going to take a while for them to flourish, but gonna be so worth the wait.

HOME LIFE: Hubby is away on a job, and he is only going to be home on weekends. It will probably be like that for about a month. I miss him not being here and am having a 50/50 time with it. It is the first time he has been away overnight since the girls were born, and its hard being alone. I seem to have alot of company stopping over and alot of help from our neighbors (good friends!) which is so welcome. My older dog is good, my puppy is BAD BAD BAD! Grrr.....

BALLOON RELEASE: We were going to have the balloon release/picnic this weekend but I started stressing about it, so we decided to move it to June 6th. I like that date better because it will be the babies' three month's just that I think it will be something more significant to us.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: I still want to go in the nursery and see our beautiful girls be there. I don't want to go to work. I think I'm in a funk. I think I'll pull through. Life sucks. Life is ok. Glad I have Mike and friends and family. Still angry at Him. I'm a Mom no matter what. I wanted Danny Gokey to win American Idol, darn it. I'm a weirdo, I know!

Will update next post with pics of the garden.

Love to all. Nan xo


  1. My three month was bad. It hit very hard. Perhaps I should have planned something to distract myself. I can't wait to see the plants.

  2. HUGS to you, Nan. I am late on my blog reading over the past week or so. I know the balloon release will be the perfect way to acknowledge and honor your daughters on their third angelversary.

    Oh, I wanted Danny or Adam to win AI, not Kris.