Monday, May 11, 2009

Importance of Family and Friends

No matter what the situation is, to be recognized as a Mother, is priceless. On Mother's Day morning, we went to my Mom's house for breakfast, and I was greeted by everyone saying Happy Mother's Day and giving me flowers and cards. It was so welcomed after all we had been through. I was actually (dare I say) happy. I was just happy to be around everyone finally. It has been (I think) since Xmas that our family (well, my side, which is about 17 people including nieces and nephews) has come together all in one place. When we had the babies, everyone was coming and going, never together. So I was happy. Happy that I could be around all the kids and be ok with them. I missed them.

I am so glad I have my Mom too, she is the reason I want children of our own, to raise them the way I was raised, happy. She is a blessing and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have her.

The two nurses I mention in the birth story are my sister Lynne, and sister in law Barbara (hence, baby girl C became Lynne Barbara!!!). They are amazing women and I received a beautiful necklace from both of their families yesterday. They said it is three tear drops, one for each baby girl, and they are my tears, so no more crying, its in the necklace! Well, ofcourse more tears came, so thats not gonna happen! But it meant alot to me. I have never had this much jewelry in my life, and now I get to wear all of it to remember my babies. Plus I have my bracelet coming! I am a lucky girl, and I am happy.

Thank you everyone for your continued support to Mike and I.. I love my family and friends for helping us get by everyday.
Love, Nan xo


  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day, Nan! The necklace is beautiful. How wonderful that you have such a caring and supportive family. God bless them.

  2. what a beautiful necklace! such a great way to keep your babies close.